Central Shipping Holland B.V.
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Central Shipping Holland B.V. is the General Agent for Dole Ocean Cargo Express, LLC in the Netherlands.

Dole Ocean Cargo Express offers weekly sailings from Antwerp to the following ports:

1. San Juan / Puerto Rico Transit: 9 days
2. Santa Marta / Colombia: 13 days

If you want fast and reliable transport of your goods to these ports we can help you.

We can also provide on-carriage services in the abovementioned countries as well as in other countries in the Caribbean and Central America. It’s a given we can arrange pre-carriage in Europe as well.

Of course we also take care of your import-shipments, we can provide on-carriage and other services that you may need.

Contact us and we hope to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Check out: www.doleoceancargo.com


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