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Welcome to Central Shipping (Holland) BV, Rotterdam

Central Shipping (Holland) B.V., founded in the year 2000, to act, in first instance, as general agent for DOLE OCEAN CARGO EXPRESS,LLC has fully developed through the years, into a hundred percent FCL / FCL agent, operating in so called "niche markets" where at this moment, the company is representing several "smaller".  Lines likes Africa Express Line, calling the Western part of Africa. Central Shipping has proven to be stable, trustworthy factor in the industry, planning to be there for many, many years with a very simple mission-statement:

" We aim to deliver timely, punctual and high quality transport against the best possible price."





Dole Ocean Cargo Express return of service between Costa Rica , Puerto Limon on the Antwerp service!


3 days Puerto Limon to/from San Juan

13 days Puerto Limon to/from Antwerp

9 days San Juan to/from Antwerp


For any enquiries please contact our representatives.


Patricia Oomen - patricia@centralshipping.nl

Jeffrey van der Wou - jeffrey@centralshipping.nl